Sunday, March 21, 2010

Psychic Phenomena (Part I)

Have you ever watched a story about ghosts or UFOs and thought, "That would be cool if its true.  But I am skeptical."

I am like that about a lot of things.  Even in the face of overwhelming evidence, I will often fall back into the pack of non-believers.  I am not sure why I do this.  It's as if I cannot intuitively understand something or if science can't explain it, then maybe its not real.

As far as psychic phenomena is concerned I am a believer.  I am a believer, not in the way I believe in God or reincarnation or that sort of thing.  I am a believer in the way I believe that 2+2 is 4.  This is not a belief that comes from faith.  It is the belief that comes from first hand experience.

One such experience stands out above all others.  This is where my story begins.

One night, I met Adele Tinning.

This was back around 1985.  Mrs. Tinning is no longer with us, at least not on this plane of existence.  She died in 1989 at the age of 83.

This is how I met her.

A friend of mine taught Ancient History at a college in San Diego.  He had seen Mrs. Tinning give a demonstration on stage at the local collage in front of thousands of people.  He called her and asked if she would give a demonstration at a private home for his class of students.  She readily agreed.

I want to point out that she never asked for or received any compensation for any psychic work she performed.

I was invited to the event because I was a friend, not a student.

Anyway, when we went to pick her up, a large man met us at the door.  He took my friend, Vince, aside and told him that they didn't appreciate him asking Mrs. Tinning for help.  "They" was apparently an agency of some sort that took care of this elderly woman.  I don't recall if they were government or just from a private organization.  I think "they" were an educational/research organization that basically kept an eye on Mrs. Tinning, making sure she was not harassed or ever in need of anything.

Anyway, the message was, "Mrs. Tinning will say yes to anyone that asks for her help.  "We" try to limit her work simply because she is getting to be too old to go out several times a week to give demonstrations. Since she told you yes, after you went around us, we will let her come to your house."

Adel Tinning was a psychic of a particular sort.  She would place her hands on a table and the table would lift and drop, thereby tapping out messages. One tap was an "a", five taps and "e" etc.

When we picked her up, she had her table with her.  She intended to bring it for the demonstration.  I suspected a trick.  She probably had the table rigged somehow.  Vince told her, "You don't need to bring that if you don't want to.  We have a table at the house."  Without a second thought, she agreed to leave her table behind.  She didn't ask, "How big is the table?" or anything.  Apparently, any table of any size would work.

This immediately took away many of my suspicions.

We took her and the "guard" to a private home where about 30 of us gathered for the demonstration.  Before she started, she told us the following story.

Here is the setting, an elderly woman of moderate build is sitting amongst 30 or so adults that she has never met, in a home she has never been at before preparing to give us a free demonstration.  But first, her story as best as I can recall ...

"As a little girl, I had my first experience with angels.  I saw one outside when I was about 6 years old.  She was floating in the air in our backyard.  I went in and told my mother who understood right away what I had seen.  She told me that she and I had a gift.  My mom also saw angels and did a lot to help me understand them.

As I grew up, I began to have psychic experiences.  I learned that table tapping was the preferred method of communicating with me.  When I married my husband, he knew about my abilities and made me promise to keep them to myself.  he didn't want me to become a circus event.

One morning, while I was eating breakfast, the table started to tap.  I knew a message was coming through so I cleared the table and prepared to receive.  Apparently, there had been an accident at NASA.  Some men lost their lives.  They were coming through to me with a message to send to NASA about what caused the accident.  They gave me a 4 letter acronym that made no sense to me.  Against my husbands wishes, I sent the message to NASA.  A few days later, two men in suits showed up at our door.  They wanted to know how I knew what had killed those men.  It turns out that what I told them meant something to them.  It was the actual cause and they only thought to look for that source after my letter to them.

At that time, NASA and several other agencies would come to me from time to time, asking for help with various things.  For example, they were having problems with a formula needed to make face plates for astronaut helmets.  I would got to a table, the answer would tap out and they would go away all excited.  I never knew what much of that information meant since I am not a scientist.

They did a lot of testing where they would check to see if my hands somehow stuck to the table enabling me to lift it.  In the end, they just accepted that I could do these things.

Now there is an institute around me.  They don't pay me but make sure my needs are met - rides to demonstrations and such."

She had a book published that, at the time, she gave away for free.  Each of us at the house got a copy.  It is a compilation of messages she received over the years.  It is entitled God's Way of Life.

After Adele Tinning made this presentation, she sat at our table for a moment.  Soon she smiled and said, "They are here, who wants to go first."

There was no trance.  It was as if she sat at the table and said, "Pass the mashed potatoes."

For more information about her, google "Adele Tinning."

Tomorrow, I will talk about what happened next.  I will leave you with this, when she asked "Who wants to go first," I walked over and took the seat across from her.


  1. Hi Jim, Thanks for your story. I googled and found you and now i'll go see about Adele. After having told me once about the colours and letters my daughter was seeing on my face, I asked her if she wanted to draw them, which she did. She said "SFCA". As soon as she said "V"s on my chin, but "a fancy 'V'", I thought, "this is my grandmother Violet." I don't know how far down the road of thought I had gone, before that, thinking, this child is channelling - I think that the "SFCA" had been pretty "clear" to me as soon as I saw it(yes, San Fran, CA, but no we don't live anywhere near there) but when I saw that "special 'v'" I was raising my eyebrows. My granny died last year at 100 and I had tried to find a photo of us together in San Diego, at Christmas, in the surf - me, 8 years old - her arm around me, because this was my favorite picture of us together (and maybe my only picture of just us 2) but I loved it because it looks like she loves me in it. I couldn't find the photo.
    Anyhow, then my daughter saw hearts on my chin and then some "y"s, which i thought might be "yes", as in "Yes you are right, SFCA is San Fran, since you always thought it was San Fran, but really it was San Diego - and yes, it is me, Granny."
    Now, CALL ME CRAZY. But don't forget, my young daughter sees letters and hearts on my face!
    Thanks again.
    I love that Adele's mom was able to share her gift with her daughter and support her in it.
    I see colours a bit too and this is how our discussion started. Otherwise I'd likely have never known. My mom is in her 80's and I just found out she sees some too.

  2. I met Adele Tinning at her home in San Diego in the 1970s through my brother who was then a student at UCSD. Everything stated in this article is consistent with our experience with Adele Tinning. I didn't know (or don't currently recall) the NASA incident.

    I will share this Adele experience: my wife and I visited Adele on a trip to San Diego in approximately 1975. My wife had gone off birth control pills and hadn't had a period in over a year (perhaps more, don't recall). Her OBGYN was concerned that she would not be able to conceive. The moment we sat down at the table, without saying a single word to Adele, the table tipped and touched my wife's pelvis area very gently. Adele explained that when the table did this it was doing a healing. This lasted for some time (more than a minute, perhaps a minute and a half if my memory is accurate). 28 or 30 days after our visit my wife had her first period in more than a year and regular menses thereafter. She conceived our first child not too long after that visit. This is one of several amazing Adele Tinning stories.

    The reason for my writing is to validate the writer's story of Adele, and also to ask a question. Several people in my family visited Adele and some of us learned we had the ability to tip the table like Adele. I'm curious if you know if this is unique or unusual. We have our own rich library of stories about table tipping; some as amazing as the stories relayed by Jim Dillingham.

    Today my brother is a professor of medicine at a major University Medical Center and I, after graduating as a biomedical engineer, founded, built and sold two businesses.

  3. We have begun a Facebook page for Adele Tinning in hopes that her thousands of friends and witnesses will gather to share their own thoughts and experiences at Adele's table.

    Please, if you are on Facebook, please join us at:
    AdeleTinning and let us know your thoughts and feelings...

  4. I also had the great pleasure of meeting Adele Tinning. She lived across the street from a good friend of mine, on Mississippi Street in San Diego California, and he introduced us. I went to one of her demonstrations in San Diego, and I will attest to the fact that things that cannot be otherwise explained in fact did occur. Even with my attempt at skepticism, I know what happened had no explanation other than powers we do not understand worked effectively through her for good and the benefit of others.

  5. I was privileged to meet Adele in 1976 and visited her at her home in San Diego on numerous occasions. I believe it is accurate to say that her work profoundly influenced my understanding of psi and human abilities. Now, decades later, I am finally setting down my thoughts in a new book that describes the nature of reality and psi. I very much believe that one of those who had a hand in motivating that work was Adele Tinning.

    I must make one comment however. I see that "God's Way of Life" is now for sale. I can say quite authoritatively that Adele NEVER wanted any copies sold for profit. She was most clear about that when she gave me 5 copies of the book in her home in the 1970s. She made me SWEAR that I would only give away copies, never sell them. I distresses me given that knowledge that her book, given in faith and hope, is now the subject of a commercial venture. I know this would not have pleased her.

    1. At this stage I can't see any other option in getting her book to the masses, can you? I think Adele would allow for a commercial enterprise to help pay their light bills if they would offer her book to the world. I was fortunate to have met with her for eight 'sessions'. In my opinion she's OK with it (now).

  6. I'll never forget the day. It was Friday, January 6th, 1989. Two days earlier I lost my partner to viral encephalitis, and since he was in a drug induced coma for nearly six weeks I was very concerned about this spiritual well being. My employer suggested I speak with a woman named Karen Fischer, and she in turn told me about Adele Tinning. Lucky for me she was going to be at the Scottish Rite Mission Valley Al Bahr Shrine on Friday, so I called the number given to me by Karen and discovered I was talking to Adele's sister who mentioned that Adele was very weak and tired after a lengthy illness, but encouraged me to attend since it was a special night and many film and video crews would be filming. It was her last public appearance. I may have given Karen my name during that phone call, but neither her or Adele could possibly have know who or what I looked like, and there were a couple hundred people there that night. Each and every chair had a personal copy of Adele's book, "God's Way of Life". I still have it to this day. I had no idea what to expect, and certainly had never heard of table tipping. My mother and I took two seats together and moments later Adele was being assisted into the room and sat down at a white oak table. What struck me immediately was the amazing calm and vividness of her captivating blue eyes. One glance from here and you felt at ease immediately.

    As she sat down and someone helped her get her microphone on, she looked toward me and said, "Allen, would you join me up on stage?" For Adele to know, or even be concerned with my needs was simply impossible; I'd only talked on the phone with her sister, I hadn't introduced myself to anyone upon arriving nor was I on any list of attendees. I was just one person out of hundreds sitting in some obscur seat several rows back and to the side of the auditorium. She explained that her table weighed about 80 lbs. and it was clear to everyone in that room that she was not capable of pressing with any force to have had that table tip like we'd witness that night. The only thing I knew about Adele was the story she shared that night about how NASA reopened the investigation of the Apollo I disaster after her deceased husband (who was a firefighter) spoke to her giving her details of the capsules "O" rings. Only then did the world learn of the real fate of the three men that died that day way back in 1967.

    That table told me things that made my entire body tingle in warm pulses. Something I've never experienced again. The table also revealed something about myself that Adele explained to me. She told me (and everyone in the room) that we will all experience 8 stages of spiritual perfection, and that each stage can have hundreds of lifetimes, and that we choose in advance what we need to learn each lifetime. She also said that we are never alone because we also have spiritual guide who with us who has completed all 8 stages. She told me my spiritual guide's name is David, and that the stage I was learning was, "Understanding - that each person can only behave on their own personal history." In other words, we cannot expect them to behave any certain since they would not even know how to use the tools even if we gave them the tools. She then reminded me that I'd better be good since this was my last lifetime of learning those 8 stages.

    I have never felt connected to anything spiritual, have never had visions, or felt aware of other entities (good or bad) at any point during my life. Yet one thing that I am now constantly aware of is that the universe has been tossing me into situations where the only solution for moving forward is Understanding, the ability to allow things to take shape, and to trust and have faith that everything is as it should be; we can feel safe when we choose to "Let It Be". My life was touched that night, and how I view and learn from experiences was forever changed. I was blessed.

  7. Thanks to everyone for commenting. Please pass this story along.

  8. I was fortunate enough to meet Mrs. Tinning in the mid 70s. As I entered her home, I felt such a sense of love and calmness. She told me that I was in a relationship that was not healthy and helped me realize I needed to end it. I was amazed and became even more of a believer in Spirituality. I believe she channeled Jesus thru that heavy, large table. I have her God's Way of Life on my dresser and treasure it as well as the memory of meeting Adele Tinning.

  9. howdy. I too met Adelle. I have my orig tape (she recorded all sessions) and few snap shots. table being tipped at my female organs in one shot. she said i would have quit an ordeal with this area of my body. SHE WAS correctomondo! 7 operations over 2 decades. Whew... and anyways. I need someone to clean the tape. Even that day i brought it home, i was garbled. so i never got a chance to really hear it :(... not that i had the best equipt back then. LOL. I have it under lock and key. safe. Waiting for its great clean and reveal. I need it.
    I sent a friend request to adelle facebook. lets get the stories out there. must be the time, cuz look at the dates of these posts! 2012. thats so recently.

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  11. So Glad I found this! I met Adele in 1973 when I was 15 and went to her house numerous times with my Mother and the last visit, with my then boyfriend. I was 17. She gave me a signed copy of God's Way of Life and at the time I knew it was a special moment in my life but I had no idea that that book would change my life. Eons later, it is what I turn to whenever I need an 'answer', am sad, frustrated with life; all of those 'mad-made' WORKS! The high I felt whenever I was in Adele's presence can only be described as ...LOVE :)